The search for your Voice... plus free first lesson*

Trying to find to the right words that will best describe what it takes for you to become a singer is difficult because it’s almost like the words don’t exist or have yet to be invented. And if all I say to you is how difficult learning to sing is, then all that will do is turn you off trying to reach that goal. So the trick is not to talk about how difficult singing is, its all about focusing how singing will be highest achievement  for you.
This is why I can confidently say that singing is the highest achievement a person can reach.

So does that mean you need to have a degree in physics to become a singer? Thankfully no... all you need to have is the dedication and the right teacher to get you there.

There is another reputation singing has been lumbered with:
“You have to be born to sing.”
It was once believed that not everyone could sing. In fact, one of my singing teachers informed me of this when I first called her. She stopped me in my tracks when telling me I had to AUDITION for her singing lessons.

Thankfully, I have proved this wrong. 90% of my students will get there and the 10% who fail could have succeeded but gave up way too early for probably because of the born to sing issue. In fact, one of my students who seemed to be taking forever to learn then went from very average to being a perfect singer within one month. Learning to sing could be best described as full of penny drop moments.

I have been teaching in Newtown for more than 10 years and have worked with more than 500 singers.
I teach almost all styles of music.
For people who need more than just singing lessons, recording microphone technique and songwriting guitar lessons can be covered, but not everyone wants to be a rock star. If singing is all you need, that’s all we do.
*1 x FREE LESSON for people who make a phone call the first point of contact.

O431 - 797 - 414

Call any time between 10am to 11pm 7 Days.
Guitar tuition is also available.

What previous students have to say:

– Great teacher to help you achieve your desired voice (rock, soul, pop etc) as well as finding your true voice. Excellent ‘ear training’ to help you sing in perfect pitch with other vocalists as well providing tips to remain in tune. Years of experience – builds your vocal range over time – friendly, casual environment to help you feel comfortable when developing your voice. Unlike other singing teachers who tell you what you can’t do, Brian shows you what you CAN do with your voice!
HAVE A LISTEN to Billy's links to his band's songs that show how amazing his voice is.

HAVE A LISTEN to Billy's links to his bands songs that show how amazing his voice is.

Billy and Kevin cover the contemporary musical GAMUT

You may not be into the style that Billy performs but man, seeing him rock out on stage will leave you stunned. The level he sings at will leave you thinking you're in the same room as Robert Plant, Axl Rose or Chris Cornell.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have another champion of voice –

Kevin Laso.

When both Billy and Kevin approached me for singing lessons, they were already consummate musicians. To work with these guys on their voices demanded only the best results.

So have a listen to Kevin, who is in the soul style singing world of the great John Mayer or Ben Harper. Better still, go to his website and buy his album



I must pay respect to all my teachers that have helped me get to where I am now:

Margret Wolf: Piano - classical - Sydney

Paul Hayward: Guitar and understanding Music theory - punk - Canberra

Martha Davies: Singing technique - Canberra

Bob Thorne: Guitar especially Hendrix - Western Australia

Last but Not least as I learnt more about music composition in 4 x lessons in Jazz than 2 years in classical piano

Paul Mc Namara: Piano - Jazz - Sydney