Security Policy

The Internet is not a secure network, and as such, information you send may be intercepted by others. InteGuitar runs a secure website (using SSL) for transferring all sensitive information such as personal and credit card details. Secure server technology reduces but does not eliminate the risks of sending information over the Internet.If you are sending us private information you should check that you are linked to our secure server. You can do this in two ways:Check that the web address in your browser starts with rather than just http (this page would be

Most web browsers will display a padlock Closed Padlock, usually at the Browsers Address Bar.


If the site is insecure some browsers may show an open padlock Open padlock.


You should check your browser’s help facility for further information on security.

If you wish to switch to the secure website you can change by simply changing the http:// to https:// in your web address, or visit this page would be

Firewall security

Information you send us is stored behind our firewall.

Any of your information, (apart from usage logs), that is on our server outside the firewall is always encrypted, and moved inside the firewall at the earliest opportunity.

If you have concerns about sending information over the web, please contact us for alternative methods of submitting information mail