Classical Nylon String Guitar 1/2 Size


Picking the Right Size Guitar

At InteGutar we meet a lot of people confused by the way both “age” and “height” is used to determine what size guitar to buy. Children at the ages of 5-8 the average height is between 1.00m to 1.37m but of course there are kids bigger and smaller in this age group. So if your child is in this age group but smaller than the 1.37m the 1/2 size guitar is recommended then likewise if your child is taller than 1.37 then the 3/4 size guitar is recommended.



InteGuitar Guitar

  100 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee.


The 1/2 size will suit children between 5 to 8 years old (if you’re looking for a larger version look at our and 3/4 range).

With a great sound to inspire you and a design and set up specific to beginners, you’ll breeze through the first stages of your playing.

Here are the reasons why:

   The complete InteGuitar learning system which includes access to the Mp3 and Video tutorials found on the InteGuitar website.

   Genuine Rosewood Fingerboard and Bridge. Most guitars of this price range use low grade maple for the neck.

  It has a Low String Action (all our guitars are set-up at the factory for optimum beginner playing level). String action is the measurement from the top of the 12th fret to the bottom of the string. This is very important because a guitar with a high action is hard to play, a guitar with too low an action will buzz and sound bad. Artist Guitars are set up at the factory for the optimum level for a beginner.

  Comes included with a Bag to protect your guitar, Strap and Built-In Tuner – A tuner for a beginner is vital.  A guitar needs to be tuned every time you play. This tuner is extremely simple to use so you will be using it correctly in no time at all.

  Our price is always Lower Than a Retail Store (often by 30-40%)  we keep our prices low by only selling our own range of guitars direct from the factory. Our business is built on offering a great value guitar at a great price.

  The Guitars have been designed for over 10 years and during this time they have developed a great working relationship with our factories to constantly improve the quality and value – we know how to get a great value guitar at truly unbeatable price!

  100 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee, and 
  3 year Warranty (guitars only)

The Guitar pack Includes:

  • 1/2 Slim Neck Nylon string guitar
  • Gig Bag to protect your instrument (with back pack style straps and pockets for your picks, extra strings, music)
  • Built-In Guitar Tuner
  • Webbed Guitar Strap
  • 1 Spare set of Strings
  • 2 Pick

The CL range comes in 4 sizes:

Full Size Body, Slim Neck Full Scale
3/4 Size Body 3/4 Scale
1/2 Size Body 1/2 Scale
1/4 Size Body 1/4 Scale

The CL12 is an ideal beginners guitar suited to children (between 8-10 years old or 125-165cm tall)  –

The Tech Features

Model :- CL12 AM

Strings :- Nylon

Body Size :- 1/2 Size Classical 34″ with

Woods :- 

Top – Laminated Spruce
Back and Sides – Laminated Catalpa
Fingerboard & Bridge –Eco Rosewood

Neck :- 1/2 Scale, 52mm Nut, Truss rod to keep your neck straight – No other guitar at this price has a Truss rod.

Machine Heads :- Gold Butterfly Machine Heads

Included Accessories :- Gig Bag, Built-In chromatic Tuner, Strap, Spare Strings & Picks

Colour :- Amber


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