InteGuitar + Bear Bones Steel String Natural BUNDLE deal

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Recommended Retail Price $137

IG Bear Bones Steel String Natural DEAL

Bargin Deal for the dollar wise beginner?

At InteGuitar we understand there are many different types of Guitar buyers and this Deal is particularly aimed at the smart buyer who knows only to well that Guitar may not be for them and only wants to spend the minimal amount to find out.

This is the cheapest Guitar where even the clear wood lacquer is missing.  You will need to paint it yourself its all about saving you money and here is a list of what’s missing and how to get around it.

No Guitar Tuner: Setting up a Guitar Tuner AP on your mobile phone easily solves this problem.

No Sound Box Cutaway: The Sound Box restricts access to the higher frets so some modern Guitars have a modification of a cutaway found where the Sound Box joins to the Guitar Neck. The cutaway is missing on this Guitar but the Guitar Neck joins to sound box at the 14th fret so getting to the 15th fret is not that bad. Where as the Nylon Strings join at the 12th fret making access to the 15th Fret harder.

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InteGuitar Guitar Interfacing

InteGuitar Interfaces come in a KIT format of 4 x interfaces include access to the Mp3 and Video Tutorials a Free Sydney based lesson or skype lesson./

Today (14/02/16) We worked with a 6 year old girl and her mother who came into the InteGuitar studios and started playing the D A E chords within half and hour it was amazing to watch. We did not realy have to spend much time pointing out which fretting fingers to use.

Here are the reasons why:

SIZE. Fits on all three types of guitar. Nylon string guitars have a wider neck so it means you will need to stretch the interfaces a bit harder to attach them. It takes about five minutes to set up on the guitar.
EASE OF LEARNING. The InteGuitar so simple to figure out. The trick is it doesn’t teach you everything there is to know about learning the guitar. It’s about getting the 1st step out of the way. The basics or rudimentary stage of the guitar is the common time when the majority or learners give up trying to learn.
NOTE and CHORD Identification. A limit of five colours is used to describe all of the notes of the Guitar. InteGuitar has realy thought this through and chosen colours that are not about lighting up the Guitar like a Christmas tree but use logical colours that help you remember chord names and notes.
VISIBILITY and INTERFERENCE The body of the InteGuitar Interfaces are transparent rubber that helps the interface to disappear as much as possible even the self-locking hook system is designed to be of minimal interference with the playing of the guitar. Check the homepage video when Jonathan walks closer to the camera you can see how the interface is set up on the neck and its not interfering with his guitar playing.
COVERS HALF THE FRET BOARD. The InteGuitar Interfaces can be re positioned up the neck to about the eight fret and in the future InteGuitar will be using systems that will be positioned up to the 15th fret.
BAR CHORDS. Just when you think you have the basic chords on a Guitar mastered along come the BAR chords. Your heart sinks when you figure out what’s required. The InteGuitar Interfaces come to your rescue again bar chords make you feel like you are starting from the beginning again. The first three frets are where you start and master. Then setting up the BAR chord interface to help you find and learn beyond the first three frets is huge plus.
Mp3 & VIDEO TUTORIALS. The Mp3 Music Tutorials can halve the learning time again. The music tutorials play songs that use the chords displayed on the Interfaces BUT the big plus here is all the chords are called out two or three beats before the change by the chord announcing system.
RECOMMENDED by some of Australia’s top guitar teachers. Guitar teachers have reluctantly come round to the idea because it becomes obvious it’s not about doing them out of business its about getting more students. The system is about securing confidence in a very nervous absolute beginner by getting them into playing a decent sound straight away.
A FREE GUITAR LESSON. The InteGuitar Studio are located in the Sydney CBD so the free lesson is only available to people who can get to the Sydney studios but for those in the rest of Australia and New Zealand we can organise A Skype lesson.


  100 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

Not All Acoustic Guitars Are The Same!

This is the absolute bare bone no trimmings guitar. what has not been bare bones is the guitar quality there are more trickes explained behind buying this guiatr the InteGuitar Deal

The Steel strings create a bigger sound

Here are the reasons why:

  It has a Low String Action. String action is the measurement from the top of the 12th fret to the bottom of the string. This is very important because a guitar with a high action is hard to play, a guitar with too low an action will buzz and sound bad.

  A Truss Rod that helps keep the guitar neck straight on the guitar and the action height the neck can be adjusted.

  Die-cast Machine Heads – This means your guitar will tune quicker, be more stable and stay in tune longer.

  These Guitars have been designed for over 10 years and during this time we have developed a great working relationship with the factories to constantly improve the quality and value – we know how to get a great value guitar at truly unbeatable price!

Please Note: There are no accessories included with this guitar.

we think getting the correct size guitar is the most important thing for a beginner


The Tech Features

Brand :- Artist

Model :- AB1

Body Size :- Full size Dreadnought 41″

Woods :-

Top, back and sides – Laminated Linden
Fingerboard & Bridge – Solid Rosewood

Neck :- Truss Rod, Scale Length 25.5″, 43mm Nut

Machine Heads :- Die-cast chrome

Decoration :- Soundhole Rosette, ivory coloured binding

Colour:- Natural

3 reviews for InteGuitar + Bear Bones Steel String Natural BUNDLE deal

  1. John

    I purchased the AB1 41inch acoustic for my son’s 14th birthday. At this price I was not expecting much quality wise, but more something my son could cut his teeth on. The delivery arrived early within 3 days and I opened the package first to see what I’d actually received. My first thoughts were this is a good looking guitar. I grabbed a pick and had a play myself before wrapping the present. Wow what a surprisingly rich tone and nice low action. I am very impressed at the build quality and sound of this guitar. For the price, this is a very good value guitar for a beginner to get going on. Thanks Guys John.

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