So how does
The InteGuitar BGI System 

The Interfaces are made from a clear rubber GEL and behave much like a wrist watch for the guitar neck except the Gels never tell the time they show you how to play the chords used to strum your favourite songs.

The gels when set up correctly DO NOT INTERFERE with the string sounding and playing or damage the guitar and are set up under the strings. The Intefaces come in a Kit of four interfaces that will show you hundreds of songs.

Yakobi's 1st Lesson

This Video is the first ever evidence of someone who has “Never Touched a Guitar” actually start playing Guitar immediately about 20 minutes of ”how to HOLD a Guitar pick” then “how to STRUM the Guitar” and that was it he started playing.

If The Blank Fret board of the Guitar looks like A daunting Task to figure out then your right it is.... The InteGuitar Gel Interfaces solve this daunting task by revealing the hidden rudiments of the Guitar that is how InteGuitar can confidently claim to have you strumming chords guitar in 1 hour.

Creating a immediate decent sound out of the Guitar is so much more encouraging for beginner to continue rather than continually making the guitar sound like its a train crash.