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Let's get straight to the point – learning guitar will be the best decision of your life. But what could spoil it all in the first five minutes of picking up the guitar for the first time is crashing out simply because the difficulty of learning this instrument becomes immediately obvious.

A lot of teachers won’t take on absolute beginners because the failure rate can give the teacher a bad reputation. I use the InteGuitar interface system and I can tell you I have never had a failure, so I can guarantee you will not fail.

Any one who tells you that teaching tools removes the need for teachers is not being truthful. But the interface system has reduced the frustrating beginner stage to the point where you can see your dedication paying off.

Maybe you can play the guitar a bit already and you have hit the wall and it's time to take lessons to get yourself to the next level of guitar playing. Part of hitting a wall is about bad technique. I get so many students that are shocked when they realise there was a problem with their technique.

And then there is the advanced guitarist who needs to get into composition and theory or performance help. Or maybe you’re not sure where you fit in with what I've discussed. No problem. Through more than 10 years of guitar teaching, I've worked with hundreds of students. I understand how to get you where you want to be with the guitar.

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I must pay respect to all my teachers that have helped me get to where I am now:

Margret Wolf: Piano - classical - Sydney

Paul Hayward: Guitar and understanding Music theory - punk - Canberra

Martha Davies: Singing technique - Canberra

Bob Thorne: Guitar especially Hendrix - Western Australia

Last but Not least as I learnt more about music composition in 4 x lessons in Jazz than 2 years in classical piano

Paul Mc Namara: Piano - Jazz - Sydney