1 The Interfaces must be set up “Over” the top of the strings Yes?

This question was quite a shock to us all here at InteGuitar firstly as almost an insult but then we realised it was the ultimate compliment. Like Jennifer who asked this question even after spending time looking closely examining the site still could believe the Interfaces are set up UNDER the strings. Jennifer was not aware of the ingenious way the interfaces are set up under the strings. Follow this set up link for more.

2 Do the interfaces interfere with the playing of the Guitar?

The Interfaces where designed to cause minimal interference with the playing of the guitar but of course there is a little bit of you notice its there but quickly get used to them. With all the students we have worked with there were no complaints. The advantaged far out weight the disadvantages.

3. Do you need any musical knowledge to use this system?

The interface system has been set up to be as simple to use as possible. So this system focuses on the rudiments of guitar playing and which is what most would be guitarist want. To play and learn your favourite songs.

Songs are mainly composed using chords and you may have heard musicians confess too saying most songs being made up of 2 or three chords. Each of the interfaces has 2 to 3 obvious chords displayed and identifiable using 2 or 3 contrasting colours.

So if you focus on strumming between the chords the interfaces display then you are automatically learning how to play music with the minimal knowledge of music.

4. Will the Interfaces damage my guitar?

Even though the Interfaces are relatively new system hundreds oh kits have been sold and so far we have not heard of any interfaces damaging a guitar. So it probably has to do with the fact that the material use in the construction of the interfaces is rubber so it would be difficult to damage your guitar with rubber.
But our advice is the guitar is a strong but delicate instrument and needs to be treated with respect and care which you should do the same with the interfaces. But smart thing to do is not use a super expensive guitar with the system. this is why we have found the cheapest but best guitars on the market we could find to bundled with the interfaces on this site.

5. How tough are the Interfaces

The rubber material used in the interface construction is the highest of quality that will stretch to twice its original size before it brakes.

But sharp edges like fingernails will tear the rubber and once torn the rubber will split and so the interfaces are not indestructible.

So we suggest the same care and respect you give to your guitar you should give to the interfaces.

6. If I have a problem with my item, How do I return it?

Just create a support ticket here and we'll work out the best solution for you. Alternatively you can email info@integuitar.com or call us on 02 9590 7292 with the details of your item and your order ID. We will then work out if the unit can be repaired, replaced or refunded for you.

7. When will I receive my refund or credit?

Once received, we will process your request within 48 hours. Please keep in mind that your financial institution can take an extra 48 hours to clear the funds back into your account.

What happens if I'm not home to receive my package?

This depends on the carrier.

Australia Post will drop it to your local post office, unless it will fit in the mail box, or you have left "Authority to Leave" instructions.

Couriers Please and Toll will leave a card with details on how to organise a redelivery. If the delivery has taken longer than the estimated delivery time and you still have not received your order, call Couriers Please on 1300 753 273 or Toll on 1300 366 684

For more information see our Shipping Page.

If I return an item does it cost me any money?

No. Our 100 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee ensures there is no cost to you. Just contact us so we can arrange for you.

What are your bank account details?

Our bank details are listed on your invoice. If you need to make a direct deposit payment please refer to your invoice for instructions.

8. What is AfterPay? How does it work?

AfterPay is a 3rd party payment service that allows you to order up to $1000 of products and pay it off over 4 x fortnightly instalments. To use this service just check out as normal and choose AfterPay as your payment method. You'll be redirected to the AfterPay site where you can login or register for a new account. There are no additional costs to you for using this service. A couple of things to note:

You need a credit card or debit card to sign up (limit for debit card is $500, limit for a credit card is $1000)
Instalments will be deducted from your account on a date specified when you register. If you have insufficient funds in your account you'll be charged a small fee.
If you are a new AfterPay user, you must make the initial payment upfront upon registration. You will no longer be considered a 'new' customer once you have fully paid off your first order AND 6 weeks have passed since you placed that order.

For more details on AfterPay, visit their FAQ page.