05 What type of guitar to learn on

Our primary aim for this blog is to guide you through the initial stages of learning the guitar and to make sure you reach your goal as quickly as possible. Each day we will be adding information about what to expect when it comes to hurdles you need to conquer so you stay motivated and focused.

In the past three blogs we have been getting to know the difference between the three different types of guitars available.
Today we discuss the best type of guitar to learn on

The answer is simple, Ideally its all three. If you think about it you never know when someone is going to hand you a guitar type that you haven’t used before so ideally you need to be familiar with all three.

The problem is that’s really not answering the question. So really it about what suits you not what people suggest. So lets discuss the “for and against” of all three.

Most will tell you the Classical guitar is the easiest to learn on simply because the strings are loose and mostly made of nylon which makes it easier on the fingers tips.
That may be so but at the same time because the strings are far looser than the other types of guitars it makes the strings harder to control and you end up bending the strings without realising it. Bending the strings will change the pitch of the string and you will be left wondering why the chords you play are out of tune and sound bad.

Tomorrow we will be discussing the acoustic guitar
See you tomorrow
Happy Struming

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