The InteGuitar BGI
VIDEO & AUDIO Music Tutorials

Buying the InteGuitar Interface system will also give you password access to the VIDEO and AUDIO Music tutorial pages on the web site. Yes its obvious that free guitar tutorials can be found all over the internet but our tutorials are designed to work with the interfaces. This gives our tutorials a huge advantage over the free tutorials.

The AUDIO Music Tutorials uses a narrator to call out the what the next chord will be as the song is being strummed on the guitar a couple of seconds before the chord change. This gives you plenty of time to prepare yourself to change to the next chord.

Having to read Chords off chord charts is a very important requirement to learning guitar songs but also adds another chore to get head around because chart reading forces you to take your eyes off what your doing.

In effect the InteGuitar system works in reverse we learn the chord names before we learn to read chord charts. Once you know all the names of the chords you will find chart reading so easy.



Check out sample of  AUDIO Music Tracks:

The VIDEOS will teach you

The Videos will do all the teaching but use the AUDIO Music tracks are used to practice along with.

1 What are the parts of the guitar
2 How to set up the interfaces
4 How to play and speed up the learning of the chords.
5 Basic music theory explained