About InteGuitar

The InteGuitar Interface system has been an ongoing project starting in the late 1970’s when I first picked up the guitar at the age of 16 with a guitar that cost me $8 dollars. My fascination with the guitar started when I was around 10 years old I lived on the out skirts of Sydney and for some strange reason located just down the road was a guitar shop and for a remote place it’s a wonder it did any business in an almost country like town.

I spent most of my time staring at those shiny guitars in absolute awe of the shapes and colours much to the annoyance of the shop owners. But one thing did stick in my mind the blank fret boards and strings and the way there was no real guide to making the job of playing guitar any easier it looked like impossible to understand.

I knew then there had to be a good reason for this and of course there was. As soon as the guitar changes key the configuration of the fretboard changes with it very much like the way a slide rule works. So this would stop any form of permanent visual assistance like that of the black and white notes of the piano keyboard.

And then when I worked out the slide rule key changing nature of the guitar fretboard I realised what was stopping the idea of an attachment type system was the way the neck gets wider and the frets come closer together further up the neck. Eureka I could see why no one had attempted this before because it looked impossible.

Well not to me it didn’t at the age of 16 within five minutes of understanding the problems I had the concertina idea in my head straight away. The problem then was I had to wait another 20 years for 3D technology to evolve and to learn computer and it powers. This is where my good friend and graphic artist Tomas Prochaska who was responsible of finding the right programs to do the job.

Any way I could write a book on the highs and lows of getting such a project off the ground so lets not bore you with that just understand this system works its been tried and tested. As a guitar teacher I have been able to get students through the boring beginner stage of guitar in one to two months. This has been inspiring to me and to the students involved.

Interguitar would like to thank the following people all of which have been valued greatly for there input no matter how great or small: Inspired by Michelle Drenkovski

PRODUCTION: Jock Cheethum, Michelle Barry, Micheal Druce, Graham Rees, Greg Furguson, Genevieve Mc Mahon, David Colburn, Tomas Prochascka, James Petharidge, Mark Paslow Mick Pucar Pauline Bleech, Paul Hayward Hans Henrichsen Leigh Webber Jonothon Palmer Michael Luchich….

InteGuitar is an Australian Owned and Run Business

The logo

Lastly I have been asked a few times about the idea behind the Arizona desert InteGuitar logo. I guess there is two ways to look at this as either the silhouette of the sun rising between two ancient volcano shafts commonly found in the Arizona desert or the bottom half of the acoustic guitar and its sound hole.