Tomorrow we will talk about the electric guitar
Happy strumming

It’s hard to believe but in some ways the electric guitar is the easiest type of guitar to learn on because of the lighter tension strings and a narrower neck than the classical. But there will always someone that will disagree with this argument and some ways they are right simply because its a very personal choice to make. It’s about what works for you we are not saying this statement is set in stone its helping you make the right decision and what to expect if you make the wrong decision.

The best beginner type of guitar basically comes down to how hard the guitar is to fret chords. Which really means finding the correct pressure to hold the string against the frets. To little pressure and you get fret buzz to much pressure and your fingers will fatigue. Correct pressure is what we call good fretting technique. (The frets are the metal bars running across the fret board).

The only fault for the beginner guitarist using an electric guitar is some electric guitars have narrow fret-boards, which means the strings will be closer together making it harder to use accurate finger placement. If you choose an electric guitar then try and buy one with a slightly wider neck.

Buying the right guitar is all about knowing what to buy which will begin in the next blog tomorrow

Happy strumming

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