06 Is the acoustic guitar best to learn on?

Yesterday we talked about the nylon strings guitar for the beginner guitar

Today we talk about the steel string acoustic guitar.
The steel string is the obvious guitar most would think is the best for beginner guitar. Well guess what that’s not quite true the problem with the steel string is the high tension of the strings. The high-tension strings can cause you to grip and hold strings way to tight cause you pain in the fingertips and cramps it the hand.

Now you may think that oh no I have already bought the guitar. Well all is not lost what you can do is tune the guitar down to a lower key to Eb (a “b” symbol describes a Flat note) or D Major to make the strings lighter.

You will need to buy a chromatic (all 12notes) guitar tuner to do this

The tuning for both is as follows


Eb (flat) tuning

1st string …….. Eb (thinest high string)
2nd string …… Bb
3rd string …….. Gb
4th string …….. Db
5th string …….. Ab
6th string …….. Eb (thickest low string)


Eb (flat) tuning

1st string …….. D (thinest high string)
2nd string …… A
3rd string …….. F
4th string …….. C
5th string …….. G
6th string …….. D (thickest low string)

Jimi Hendrix tuned his guitar to Eb and lot of guitarist has done the same since then.

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