04 Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar is all about ease of playing and faster playing. The fret-board of the electric guitar is closest to the acoustic steel string except the strings are nickel and or steel construction. One other difference is the tension of the strings of the electric guitar does not need to be as tight as the acoustic steel string guitar because it uses an amplifier to create the volume needed to hear the guitar. This lighter tension strings gives the electric guitarist the opportunity to bend the strings, which is made famous in Jimi Hendrix's and Jimi Pages guitar playing.

Another advantage of the electric guitar is the ability to control feed back. Feed back is a problem for acoustic guitars or guitars in general and is caused by the sound coming from the speakers of the amplifier feeding back into the pick-ups of the guitar. This has a doubling effect if you have the two sounds from the strings as well as the sound from the speakers that will overload the signal entering the pick-ups which turns the sound into a deafening high pitched screech sound that is painful to the ears. The microphone of a PA system being set to loud can create the same effect.

Tomorrow we talk about which guitar is best to learn on.
"Happy strumming"

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