03 Steel String Acoustic Guitar

The Steel String Acoustic Guitar.

Steel string acoustic guitar. Most steel string acoustic guitars have a combination of brass wound strings plus two steel B. and top E. strings. The brass strings tend to give a brighter tone to the guitar. A steel-strings fretboard is much closer to the electric guitar being narrower and has a gentle curve across the surface. The curved surfaces makes for ease and faster playing of the guitar. The string tension is the highest of all guitars. A higher string tension is used because it’s needed to make the guitar louder than the classical guitar.

Some acoustics have pick-ups in them so they can be plugged into an amplifier. I would suggest buying a guitar with the pick-up in it even if you don't have an amplifier its always handy you never know when you may need to plug into an amplifier.

Tomorrow we talk about the electric guitar.
“Happy strumming”.


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