The first InteGuitar Blog

Our primary aim for this blog is to guide you through the initial stages of learning the guitar and to make sure you reach your goal as quickly as possible. Each day we will be adding information about what to expect when it comes to hurdles you need to conquer so you stay motivated and focused.

Firstly InteGuitar is the brain child of a guitar/music teacher who realised even before he himself could play the guitar that there are to few tools used to help the beginner guitarist get through the initial stages of learning guitar. So that is why he came up with the Interfaces to simplify the process for the beginner. But like most teaching tools all teaching systems have their limitations and nothing beats the guidance from a teacher. So since we cannot be in a million places at once use this blog as your guitar teacher. This means if you have any questions re guitar don't hesitate contacting us with any questions you have.

Lets get started. In my time as a guitar teacher the first 6 months is a critical stage for the beginner guitarist. Be aware the first couple of weeks are where 50% of beginners give up and the other 50% within about six months. If you are still going after 6 months you should give yourself a pat on the back for having the discipline and strength of character to stay focused.

Beware of hearsay. Throughout my time as a musician I have lost count how many times certain people have pointed out some virtuoso musician friend theirs that would practice "8 hours a day". Be careful of what you hear from others when I first heard that it nearly turned me off music all together. Yes of course there are those that will practice those sorts of hours and in some ways long practice sessions can be detrimental.

The answer is simple its better to practice in shorter periods of time more times a week than to practice hours and hours. As soon as you start getting frustrated and distracted put your instrument down, and go do something else and come back to it later. The trick is to be aware of when you are developing a hatred of the instrument is time to stop. Music needs to be enjoyable you never see a performer getting angry so you need to develop patience.

But at the same time understand professionals will spend those 8 hours or more it’s just as a beginner don’t let it turn you off.


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